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How to add a Custom Label to the analytics


Our analytics can be enhanced by adding a custom label to every differnt user session, which in turn will provide you the ability to have more meaningful analysis of the data gathered.

How to add it:

window.peer5 && peer5.configure({customLabel: 'marketingDepartment'});

How to use it in the dashboard?

Once you've set up the Custom Label you can use it to filter out, and see the analytics only of this segment.

  1. Choose the Custom Label field in order to filter by it.

  2. Choose the which kind of filter you want to use and the write the value you wish to match, is will match just the value you write and contains will match all the values in the list.

  3. After clicking save, you'll have all the analytics matching the respective Custom Label.

Important notice:

The Custom Label feature only works for Internal Comunication customers that have requested this feature, if you believe you could profit from having this enabled, please contact us.