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Enabling Peer5 With A Query String

There might be cases where you would like to enable Peer5 only on some pages.
In general we recommend you use our client-side API to configure Peer5, but it's possible
that you don't have access to the page code or can't access the API.
In these cases you can use the page filtering option in the deployment page in your dashboard
in order to configure a unique query string that you can use to enable Peer5.

Step by step

After you create an account with Peer5, you can access the deployment page.
Inside you will find many options for dynamically deploying Peer5, but for our case we only care about the "Page Filter" part. The "Page Filter" will enable Peer5 only on pages that contain the filter value in their URL.

We can use that to our advantage and set the filter value to equal peer5=true, which will cause Peer5 to only be enabled when the URL contains peer5=true.

Once we save the option, we can go to any of our pages and add peer5=true to the query string part of the page URL to enable peer5. All other pages will remain exactly the same, even if they include the Peer5 javascript library.

For example, if we have a page with the URL of, and that page contains the Peer5 javascript library, we can now enable Peer5 by going to