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How to Create a Silent Test

The goal of silent testing is to run simulations on the actual end-users' devices without their intervention. This framework provides the means to execute silent tests on a cluster of devices with ease.

The following guide will show how to schedule a silent test. Please note that this feature might not be enabled for your account. Contact your account manager for more information.

  1. Go to your Silent Testing dashboard
  2. Click on the + symbol

  3. Fill in the required fields

    • Name - Arbitrary name for your convenience.
    • Time & Date - Specific time in which the test will begin.
    • Duration - The duration of the test. We recommend at least 20m to allow proper simulation.
    • Target url - A publicly available URL of the event page that plays video for the duration of the event. You can use our built-in page or create your own.

      • Built-in Stream - Peer5 includes an already integrated built-in page with a live stream that includes several renditions as well as customisable protocol.
      • Custom Stream - You might want to only provide a live stream of your own and use Peer5's auto-integrated page. The stream must be publicly available and include CORS headers so that runners will be able to load it. The stream will be auto-played when the test begins.
      • Custom Page - A completely custom page of your own. The page needs to include a player and a live stream as well as be integrated with Peer5. The player MUST start playing the video automatically since during the test there is no user interaction. Some browsers limit the ability to autoplay video - for that reason it is recommended to mute the audio which eases the limitation. The built-in pages are muted by default
    • Device Filters - Limit a test to a specific devices group. In some cases you might want to run a test on a subset of the connected devices. For examples, only run a test on offices in US or only devices that are connected via an Extension.

      • Countries Filter - Only include devices from certain countries (GeoIP).
      • Integration Filter - Only include devices that are connected through a certain integration.
      • Device Id Filter - Run test only on specific device ids. This filter is used mostly for testing.
  4. Click Schedule and the test will be created

  5. When the start time of the silent test is reached, the test will be executed on the relevant connected devices

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