How to optimize Wowza server for Peer5

If don't already have a running Wowza server follow one of these:

*This guide assumes HLS, although DASH will be very similar.

In order for end-users to efficiently transfer segments we’d want to configure the number of segments and segment length a bit differently than default.
Default HLS config is 3 segments, 10 seconds long each.
We’d like to configure it to 10 segments, 3 seconds long each instead.
We will also add CORS. This can be done either from the UI or by editing the XML.

Option 1: From the Wowza UI

a. playlist length
Under your live application > Properties > Cupertino stream packetizer
set cupertinoPlaylistChunkCount to 10

b. segment sizes
Under your live application > Properties > Cupertino stream packetizer
set cupertinoChunkDurationTarget to 3000

c. CORS Under your live application > Properties > Custom > Edit > Add Customer Property:
set Path to /Root/Application/HTTPStreamer
set Name to cupertinoUserHTTPHeaders
set Type to String

Option 2: Application.xml

It is also possible to set these values Directly in the application configuration file located at /conf//Application.xml
* Make sure to backup the configuration file in case anything goes wrong

Open the file with a text editor, In the XML under Root/Application/LiveStreamPacketizer/Properties add the following properties:


Under Root/Application/HTTPStreamer/Properties add the following property: