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Progressive Web Apps Integration

Peer5 and Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

At Peer5, we are big believers in Progressive Web Apps as they deliver a native-app like experience to web browsers.

Integrating Peer5 with PWAs

This guide assumes that you already have a media server that can output HLS or DASH streams. If this is not the case, we have a guide that explains how to set that up for live video as well as for VoD. In addition to nginx / nimble / ffmpeg, we also support (and recommend) Wowza.

In order to integrate Peer5 with your PWA, you first need to choose a video player. Peer5 supports every HTML5 player. Among the free options, we recommend Clappr or Video.js. Among the paid options, popular choices are JWPlayer and Bitmovin.

Then, register with Peer5, obtain your Customer ID (available in the integration tab) and complete integration according to the details there.

If you have multiple videos that are played without page reload, check out .init()/.destroy().

Peer5 on Mobile Connections

By default, Peer5 does not allow users on cellular connections (3G / 4G) to upload content. This setting can be configured in the deployment tab of your account.