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webOS Integration

LG webOS Integration

Peer5 integrates with LG webOS in a straightforward and simple way with HTML5 playback. Using plugins, Peer5 allows offloading of segments from the server through the P2P mesh network providing quality of experience improvements and cost savings.

When using Peer5, your TV will connect to other TVs forming a mesh network and exchanging data efficiently.

Peer5 supports over 10 players officially on webOS - if you are using a different player please let us know and we can test integration with it for you.

Built in HLS

If you are currently playing video using the "built in" HLS playback feature of webOS you will need to switch to HTML5 playback in order to use Peer5.

Native HLS playback on webOS is buggy and does not include many of the newer features players using the Media Source Extensions API expose. Using an HTML5 based solution like one of our supported HTML5 players will improve user experience and we recommend doing so anyway.

If you are not sure if you are using HTML5 playback or native playback or would like help don't hestiate to send us an email or Chat with us right now.


LG webOS is a fully supported Peer5 Platform for Smart TVs. Peer5

If you would like to use webOS for another type of device - please fill out this form. If you have any questions about the process don't hestiate to send us an email or Chat with us right now.