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Brightcove with Peer5 Integration

Brightcove is a media company offering video platform as a service.

Brightcove v6

Integration is done through Brightcove's dashboard, follow these steps to integrate you player with Peer5.

Open your Brightcove Dashboard, choose the player you want to integrate with Peer5 and follow these steps:

1. In the sidebar, go to the 'Plugins' section.

2. Choose 'Scripts' in the tabbed menu.

3. Click the 'Add a Script'.

4. Paste the plugin string in to the popup box

go to your account and get your personal string

5. For the new changes to apply, the player must be re-published.

To test that you integrated with Peer5 correctly, and to see stats about what the Peer5 integration is doing, you can view the stats overlay.

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