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Kaltura with Peer5 Integration

Kaltura is a media company offering video platform as a service.

Kaltura v7 (TV Platform Studio)

Peer5 is already built in to the Kaltura v7 player. All you have to do is ask your Kaltura account manager to enable Peer5 for your player, and tell them your "Peer5 customer ID" which is available at your account page.

Kaltura v2 (Universal Studio)

Integration is done through Kaltura's dashboard, follow these steps to integrate you player with Peer5.

Open your Kaltura Dashboard and follow these steps:

1. Go into the 'Studio' section in the top menu

2. Go into the 'Universal Studio' section in the second level menu

3. Click on an existing player or create a new one

4. Go into the 'plugins' menu

5. Click the 'Import Plugin' button

6. Paste the plugin string in to the popup box

go to your account and get your personal string

7. Click on the 'Import' button

8. Click 'Save Player Settings' button

9. For the new changes to apply, new embed code must be created through 'content' section

To test that you integrated with Peer5 correctly, and to see stats about what the Peer5 integration is doing, you can view the stats overlay.

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